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OnePersonPlus® is the easy-to-open defined benefit (DB) plan for professionals, small business owners and individuals with self-employment income.


Help Your Clients Hold on to More of What They Earn. Click here to see how.

High income clients want to keep more of their earnings by reducing their tax liabilities. Our clients contribute over $100,000 a year on average to defined benefit (DB) plans — for you to invest and manage. Learn more about who qualifies.

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OnePersonPlus defined benefit plan is supported by Dedicated Defined Benefit Services, the only national company focused exclusively on helping advisors target, market, sell and service defined benefit pension plans for HNW clients. As the "go-to" experts, we have established 3000 defined benefit plans for 1-5 person companies.

Run our Instant Do-It-Yourself DB calculator to see how much YOU or Your Client could save on taxes and add to retirement savings.

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