defined benefit defined benefit defined benefit
the small business defined benefit solution
the small business defined benefit solution

If you're an independent consultant, professional, small business owner with 1-5 employees, or individual with self-employment income, you may qualify for a huge tax deduction from your earned income -- $100,000 or more each year.

OnePersonPlus is a defined benefit pension plan designed specifically to meet the tax savings and retirement income needs of people who are:

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  • 40+ years of age
  • Earning $75,000 or more annually
  • Able to contribute a significant amount of earned income for 3 years or longer
  • Sole proprietor, LLC, s-corp or C-corporation

Dedicated Defined Benefit Services LLC specializes in simplifying the set up and ongoing administration of defined benefit plans for small business owners.

Learn how much you might be able to contribute!

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